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  • Viskoil, Accelera Ora Puoi!" translates to "Viskoil, Accelerate Now You Can!" in English

Sae 10w30 Multifunction

Discover our SAE 10W30 hydraulic oil, the ideal choice for the transmission and lift of your agricultural vehicles. This multifunction oil has been specially developed to meet the unique needs of modern agriculture, offering superior protection and optimized performance for your machinery. With an advanced formula, our SAE 10W30 oil ensures excellent fluidity at low temperatures, facilitating cold start operations, and unmatched thermal stability that protects mechanical components even on the hottest days. Ideal for prolonged use in extreme conditions, this oil reduces wear and deposit buildup, keeping the hydraulic system clean and functioning at its best. Rely on our expertise to keep your agricultural vehicles in optimal conditions, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability over time

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Viskoil 208 Liters Multifunction Oil 10w30 Drum

VISKOIL MULTIEFFE 10W30 is a 100% mineral universal hydraulic oil (STOU) designed for diesel and gasoline engines, agricultural and earthmoving. It ensures optimal engine cleanliness and provides reliable protection against wear and corrosion of mechanical components. Ideal for tractor gearboxes and lifters with a single oil cup.


API SF/CD - CF4-GL4, ACEA E2 Allison C-4 KAT TO-2, Ford M2C-159B, JD JDM J27 MB 228.1 MF M 1139 ZFTE-ML 06B/07B

Viskoil 20 Liters Multifunction Oil 10w30 -...

VISKOIL MULTIEFFE 10W30, universal 100% mineral hydraulic oil (STOU), is designed for diesel and gasoline engines in agriculture and earthmoving, offering engine cleanliness and advanced protection against wear and corrosion. Ideal for agricultural and heavy-duty vehicle transmissions and lifters.


API SF/CD - CF4-GL4, ACEA E2, Allison C-4, CAT TO-2, Ford M2C-159B, JD JDM J27, MB 228.1, MF M 1139, ZFTE-ML 06B/07B.